Starting to Teach your Kids from Home

The first thing we all need to consider when we start home educating – and many times along the way – is to take a big deep breath and relax. I know this feels like a very big deal and you’re wondering if you’re up to the job. The good news is that you totally are.

The goal with raising a child is to help them get the skills they need to be a happy and responsible adult. That doesn’t mean you have do it all at once. Nor does it mean you need to do school at home. And I would definitely throw away any idea that you need an hour-by-hour coloured-coded timetable.

Home is a different environment to school and, even if you are an experienced classroom teacher, your relationship to your children at home as a parent is different to a teacher/pupil relationship.

You’re likely also managing other demands such as work and running a household, so you need to pace yourself! Give yourself plenty of grace.

Home education is all about building a great relationship with your children, listening to them to discover what they are interested in, and gently supporting them to explore interests and skills so they can develop at a pace that suits them.

How to Get Started

It’s a well recognised practice within the homeschool / home education community to give children a time to transition from the school environment to the new mode of learning from home. It’s often called deschooling. So the first thing I recommend you do it take a break. Give yourself at least a week for all of you to transition into your new roles.

During this time you can do a few things to help you all get ready for home learning:

:: gather together some supplies that you know you’re going to need: books, toys, paper/notebooks, pens, pens, a few craft supplies

:: set a gentle routine going based around mealtimes, fresh air, and getting up/going to bed

:: take time to relax, playing/reading /watching a few programmes, and get some rest

:: sign up for our weekly emails, join ”Buzz Cafe” group on our Facebook page, and download the Wix app to access Wachusett CFCE on the go.

We will be doing our best to keep you supplied with practical ideas and free resources each week, in your choice of subjects. As well as, direct access to the resources your school districts have provided/recommended while we're all apart.

Each weekend we will send out an email containing seasonal, play-based activity ideas for the week ahead.

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