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    The primary goal of our grant is to reach and serve families that may need resources and referrals before entering Kindergarten. Our programs are grant funded through the Early Education and Care Department (EEC,) and we serve the nine towns of Sterling, Princeton, Rutland, Paxton, Holden, Spencer, Leicester, and North and East Brookfield.

     Many families do not attend preschool, so having free programming is a great way to get to know these families and support them in any way we can. The grant also serves as a resource and referral agency. Some of the things that we have helped with include, but are not limited to: getting childcare vouchers, recommendations for local pediatricians, dentists, and eye doctors. We also supply tools and tips for potty training and developing early literacy skills needed before entering Kindergarten. We also have access to and provide referrals for Early Intervention Services, as well as, Family Support systems such as WIC, financial training's for parents, parenting classes, parent resources, etc., to name a few. 

     Hosting these programs gives the parents and caregivers various opportunities to expose their children, and the children in their care to the socialization that they need, early literacy tools, and learning opportunities that they may not otherwise have access to. Children that attend our programs also benefit by practicing essential foundational skills necessary to succeed in the classroom. They are provided opportunities to share with others, interact with children both younger and older than themselves, sitting at circle time, waiting, and taking turns. Our programs are beneficial to both children and parents alike! Our playgroups encourage parents to meet other parents within their communities that have children of the same age(s). We have seen many friendships form as a result of the introductions and positive interactions at our host sites. It has been said "it takes a village," and our programs give parents a chance to discuss relatable topics and concerns that they may have, in regards to their children, with other parents, and create a great support group! Parents in our groups are very supportive of one another, and as a result, a strong sense of community is established, which we, Community Connections Wachusett CFCE strive to maintain and support! Come join us!

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